Friday, July 1, 2011

It's Frauenfußball Time! (Women's Football World Cup)

Of course, I cheer for them!

In fact, during the opening game between Germany and Canada last Sunday, although already in my pajamas -- I smeared the color of Germany (black, red, gold) on my right cheek. (Of course, like everyone else, we are also going to be cheering for Japan!)

When the girls saw me, they laughed. But they wanted to be marked, too. I did. As for my husband, he grinned when he saw me walking with the 'flag' on my cheek; nope he doesnt want to be marked.

Only then was I ready to watch the game. It was my thoughtfut husband who reminded me that the game would soon start and he watched with me, too. Germany won (2:1).

Yet I seem to miss something. Yes, there are loads of commercialism going on -- trikots (football shirts), banners, flags, scarves, cakes, cookies, chips, beers, etc. In fact, I am planning on buying trikots for me and the girls this coming weekend. But....

You see, when it's the Men's World Cup -- you would hear firecrackers being fired everytime there's a goal. And then after the game (never mind who wins) -- you would hear more firecrackers and then a parade of cars complete with shouts and cheers and hoots -- there's a lovely chaos all around!!!

Why not the same during the Women's games? I told my husband that it is unfair. So I decided to cheer and hoot and sing for the Frauenfßball. I wasnt alone, the girls, attracted by the noise; joined me. As for my husband? He was shaking his head and grinning. In the end? It was the four of us creating a lovely chaos in our bedroom for the Women in football!

Yeah!! Go, Ladies!

Let's all have fun. And let's not forget to shop afterwards!

P.S. Looking for football jerseys? Here.

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