Friday, July 8, 2011

Kids and Responsibility

My girls? They are responsible.

It's noticeable because upon waking up, they would immediately make their beds.
And before going to bed, they would have chosen their outfit for the next day (would even ask what kind of weather it would be so that their outfit would fit the weather); they would have their school bags ready; their pair of shoes would be standing outside the door, waiting for them.

Upon arriving from school, they would remove their water bottles and bread box from their school bags and bring them in the kitchen. Homeworks are being done. Papers from school are being shown to us.

During meal time, they would even help in cooking and in setting the table. Afterwards, they would also be assisting in clearing the table.

All the wastes? They belong to the garbage bins, which of course, they segregate, too.

And their rooms? They help in tidying up. And their closets? It's their own, so they do it their way.

There are no toys scattered in the garden because they gather them up after playing with them. Their bikes? They put them back in place after using them.

If we have activities outdoors and it is time to leave, they tend to look not only twice but thrice, making sure that we have left nothing behind.

Do they bring their teeny weeny toys outdoors? Do they bring their precious breakable items out of their rooms? Do they wear their favorite dresses to play outdoors? No, they are too careful for that.

Do they play with fire? Do they play with knives or any sharp objects? Do they tinker with plugs and sockets? No, they are too careful for that.

These are all true, at least, 60% true. They are kids therefore the remaining 40% is my responsibility -- to acknowledge that they are doing great and to continue guiding them to be responsible.

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