Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Told You Already

IC had to remind me, 'Mama, I already told you I hate that. Please try to remember so that you wont do it again.'

Well, it was bath time. And bath time with us meant before bedtime. That means it is night time and dark. IC has repeatedly told us that someone should stay with her, at least on the same floor; until she is done.

Last Friday, we decided to make a little party in our bedroom; inviting the girls. Since the girls expected a little surprise, I was busy carrying things from the first floor into the third floor. Things such as sleeping bags, drinks and some chips. I forgot that IC specially requested me to stay with her while she's on the shower.

But IC didnt forget. She came up to our bedroom dragging her feet and was in tears saying, 'Mama, I already told you to wait for me if I am in the shower, a hundred times. I was alone in the bathroom; and nobody was in the same floor with me. And you know that I dont like it.'

She emphasized, 'you told us to speak up and now I am speaking up. Please dont leave me alone again when I am in the shower.'

And she added, 'I am telling you again and please remember that talking about it should help you in remembering.'

Am I being scolded or not? But I do accept my fault and I praised her for reminding me. Talking about it helps, right?


OSeñorita said...

Yes, talking about it helps. And making your line of communication open is a good thing. It means that your daughter can tell you anything, even what she's feeling.

raqgold said...

i hope she'd do that forever!