Saturday, July 23, 2011

Homemade Blackberry Sorbet

Can you see the blackberries on the upper left photo? We could harvest them daily and it would still be too much for us. (The apples are not yet ripe though.)

It is time again to be creative in using blackberries in meals.

Since the sun was high the first time that we harvested the blackberries, what was the first thing that the girls suggested? Sorbet!

Why not?

After collecting the ripe blackberries, found possible ingredients for our homemade Blueberry Sorbet.

350 grams blackberry
half cup of brown sugar
two cups of whipped cream
1 pack of vanilla sugar

Wash the blueberries.
Using a blender, mix the blackberry, sugar, whipped cream and vanilla sugar.
Pour in a container, seal and freeze for at least three hours or more.

In the above photo, I had to scrape the sorbet because it was still hard; but my girls just wanted to taste it real fast. Best to take the sorbet container out of the freezer and let it stand outside for at least 30 minutes so that you could scop it better.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Gusto kong matry ito, kaso masarap ba maski whipped cream lang? pero mukhang masarap. YAY!

Nga pala, may bago kang blog ah. Nice!

raqgold said...

batopik, whipping cream ang gamitin mo. o kaya naman kapag walang whipping cream, pwede na milk and sugar!

anney said...

Ang sosyal blackberry! Pwede ba duhat? hihihi! Joke lang! Mahal ng blackberry dito kaya once in a bluemoon lang ako kung bumili. Nakakapaglaway ang ginawa mo. Yum!

raqgold said...

hi anney, ang blackberry dito ang wild fruits lang... nakakalat lang sya sa daan so libre, hehe... am sure pwede duhat kaso mo medyo sour ang duhat di ba? aratiles na lang!