Wednesday, July 27, 2011

MC Pack's for A Three-Day School Outing

The whole grade three students are scheduled for a three-day school outing along the Vierburgenstadt (Four-castle-town).

They received the list of things-to-bring about three weeks ago. It was a long list. Knowing my nine-year-old daughter MC; I know that there would be additional items joining the list.

So MC and I sat down to tick-off the list. She's got most of the items on hand. The next thing to do is to decide on the right size of luggage. She said the middle-sized one, I said the smallest would be enough for a three-day trip.

I gave her the smallest luggage, so she could start throwing in things from her list. I also gave her a toiletry pouch with small bottles of shampoo, lotion, and sunscreen; a mini soap; a mini toothpaste and a toothbrush. I added a tube of all-purpose-medicinal cream, just in case.

In selecting her clothes, we checked the weather first so that she'd bring the appropriate clothings. Unfortunately, it's going to be a rainy week -- so we packed in an extra change of clothes and a rain coat.

The day before the trip, we sat down again to finalize everything. I was ready to believe that the smallest luggage would be enough but it turned out that she needs to bring a pillow! Since MC's worry is that she would not be able to fit everything in her luggage at the end of their outing; I grabbed the middle-sized luggage so we could transfer everything.

The middle-sized luggage is better. There was enough space for all her things, plus her bottles of mineral water and a few snack packs.

Still worried about space in re-packing, I told her that her that she should separate her soiled clothes. The dry ones she could roll (I showed her how) and throw in the luggage; and the wet ones inside the plastic bag and then in the luggage.

She's got her bottled water, snacks, tissue papers, a cap, and her digital camera in her backpack.

Here's more tips:
- I made sure she has memorized the telephone number at home
- I have the telephone numbers of her teacher and the youth hostel
- There are name tags in her luggage and her backpack
- At least two plastic bags for wet and really soiled clothes; and her pair of shoes

And some travel reminders, too:
- Make sure to stay with her partner and with the group during outdoor trips
- If she does not feel comfortable about something, inform her teacher
- If she needs help, as for it
- Don't forget to drink!
- Have fun!

Also, we talked to her teacher a few days before the trip and informed her of MC's tendency to sleep walk. When and if that would happen, MC should only be led to the toilet (she does that usually to pee) and then brought back to bed where she would continue her slumber.

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