Monday, July 4, 2011

My Husband's Secret Fruit Garden

My husband's got a secret. He's got a fruitful secret.

We had a guest last Thursday. A former neighbor. Who loves gardening.

Instead of greeting her through our main door, we asked her to detour through the garden. And she was fascinated by our backyard garden. (My digital camera's decided to sleep on me so I can't upload photos).

You see, our garden is divided into at least six levels. The first level is the one located after the street gate. That is where we have our strawberry patch, tomatoes, various flowers and plants. The second level would be our veggie, herbs and spices corner. The third would be the 'let's do it later' level because we wanted to trim the heavy bushes and cut down some trees. The fourth is the climbing area for the kids where cherries, apples and plum trees are lording over; and where we planted some beans and peas. The fifth level is the wild part that we discovered a few weeks ago ripe with colorful berry sorts.

The sixth level? Well, that's the part where we drag all the 'garbage' coming from the garden -- we wanted to use it as compost area. We rarely venture there. Well, only if we are doing gardening works.

I havent done any gardening in the past few weeks, havent even ventured past our garden's third level. But my husband, well, he loves to look around. He was almost always doing his garden rounds.

Anyway, let's go back to our visitor. Since she's a hobby gardener, she was fascinated and wanted to look around. The kids and I tagged along. The cherries are long gone. The apples need a few weeks more. The peach tree needs a year. As for the beans and peas, well, our nightly visitors; the wild boars, unfortunately, got to the seeds!

Our guest wanted to see the whole garden. When we reached the fifth level, MC started picking and munching on red currants and gooseberries. Our former neighbor? She saw something else, beyond the fifth level. She saw the sour cherries beyond the compost heap! The girls saw the fruits and wanted to taste them, too. Well, all three of them (I had one piece) cant get enough that I gave them a basket.

Another surprise. The next tree was bulging with small, yellow fruits that I am not familiar with. Our guest happily informed us that these are mirabelle (yellow plums) and grabbed one to taste. Well, I havent heard about yellow plums before so I tasted one, too. The girls followed suit. It's sweet and juicy and crispy. We took time filling our basket with the fruits before my husband called out that dinner is ready.

We appeared before him with a basketful of sour cherry and yellow plumps. We excitely told him of our find. And he shrugged it off, 'well, I know about those fruit trees. I tried them before and I thought they were bad fruits so I didnt tell you.' Oh well...

And that's the story of my husband's secret fruit garden :-D


OSeƱorita said...

Sounds like a very beautiful garden you have there. Sad you didn't have any pictures of it.

Keith said...

Oh my. I never saw yellow plums here in California. I saw the date, remembered many friends I greeted Happy Fil-Am friendship Day. I will ask my favorite produce clerk friend if she has seen these fruits in her store before...

raqgold said...

OSenorita, as soon as I could upload those photos, I would.

Keith, I also didn't know that those yellow buttons are plums. They are not so big, just like the size of a cherry. I will post photos as soon as I can.

Keith said...

Guten morgen Frau Raqgold. No need to post this. I am grateful u stopped by, and read my blog. Indeed we both believe in the power of prayer. I surely will stop in here again. Danke

raqgold said...

hi keith, i published your comment to let other readers know that the power of prayer is the greatest of them all!