Saturday, July 23, 2011

Norway in Our Minds

Think of this...

Your child kid asked permission to join a youth meet in a popular vacation island.

You said yes. Helped him/her pack. Added his/her special snacks as a surprise. Told him/her to have fun.

You said goodbye knowing he/she would indeed have fun. Plus, he/she would have the opportunity to meet the most important man in the country. What fun, indeed.

Then a few days later, here's what you saw on the television: explosion in the capital city. And an unconfirmed report that the island where your child is, is under siege; unconfirmed reports that there's a lot of dead. That to escape the terror -- some hid in the bushes, some tried to swim...

You will pray. You will try to call your child. You will try to call their friends. You will try to call the authorities. You will try to call your friends...

You will do anything to know more. You will cry. You hope. You will pray.

You will do anything to know more. You will cry. You will pray. You hope.

Then the next day, more than 80 people dead in the island (seven dead in the city).

Where's your child? Where's hope? Where's your child?

You will cry. And we are crying with you.
To the parents of victims in the island of Utoya, we are thinking of you.

To all the people of Norway, we are praying for you.

Dear people of the world, let's pray for peace.

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