Monday, March 21, 2011

A Party in Our Bedroom

We just transferred to a new house. At since it is mostly a job between my husband and I, it took sometime for all the boxes to be unpacked and the furnitures and appliances to be up in their proper places. We were too busy wanting to have everything in place, that we have also excused ourselves from most playtimes with the girls.

Therefore, after finally having our bedroom in order, (we had a problem with our bed, it was too large and wont fit the narrow stairs leading to our bedroom so we had to ask someone to come and do something); we invited the girls for a celebration party, a sleep-over party. They were very excited upon hearing about the party they cannot wait for the day!

The day of the party, the girls got more excited because I told them it is a surprise party. They are not allowed to go inside our bedroom until I said so. After dinner, while the girls are getting ready for bed; I locked myself in the bedroom and prepared everything.

I placed a red table cloth in one corner, with four wine glasses and table napkins. Prepared fingerfoods of nuts and chips plus bottles of wine, water and juices. And lighted a candle, turned off the light and turned on the television to a kiddie channel. It is a party, right?

The girls came knocking loudly, and when I asked them to enter -- they screamed with delight. Oohed and ahhed when they saw the TV on and the food and drinks available. Of course, IC had to ask, 'But mama, you said we are not allowed to eat inside our bedrooms, right?' I explained that since this is a special party, some food and drinks are allowed :-D

We had fun watching TV together, talking during the breaks and munching and drinking away. It was real late when we closed our eyes because we also finished a board game.

But it seems the girls just cant get enough, the next day they already asked for another party date in our bedroom!

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