Saturday, March 12, 2011

My New Found Love: Gardening

I already blogged about our fruit and vegetable gardens. And talked on how we love the convenience of  picking fresh fruits and veggies in our backyard. And of talking walks to my father-in-law's bigger garden in the mountain near our place. I do love the fruits and the veggies.

You see, I never had any interest of doing the dirty work involved in making them flourish. It was always my husband, a hobby gardener, who would always do the job. I am always in the sideline giving him tips and suggestions, serving him snacks; oh I do volunteer to water the plants once in a while. But that was that.

And then we transferred to a new house. With a great view, encompassing our garden and beyond. Who wouldnt be inspired to make the garden an oasis of fruits and veggies; with a nook for relaxation and barbecues? Although the house has been renovated, the big garden was neglected for more than two years. Despite that, the girls found trees to climb; bushes to take cover into; and discovered there used to be fruit-bearing plants and trees.

Therefore, when the forecast was warm; I decided to help my husband start with the garden. He wanted to start a herb and spices corner for me in the corner near the kitchen. I wanted to clear the stone path down into the main garden.

At first, I had to ask my husband where and how to start; afraid that I would damage the garden further. He said to just use the scraper to scrape the mud and the thick, heavy leaves off plus the handbroom and the shovel. I had wanted to use the long brush, but it was the wrong choice because the leaves and soil were heavy. I also used gloves to protect my hands from some thorny plants.

I worked along with my husband, enjoying the sun and the different smell in the garden. Despite being dirty, it was fun! In fact, it was my husband who had to discourage me from working the whole day. Well, I gave in. Because to be truthful, I could already feel my body complaining from all the unusual movements it had to undergo while gardening.

Yet, I am raring to do it again. Next job is cutting the overgrown bushes. I cant wait!

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