Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Had to Cry

After a visit to the doctor for a shot, MC proudly showed us her reward from Papa for being a tough girl. She chose a horse figure to go with her collection of horse and other similar items.

And then she came to me for a hug. 'I tried to be tough, Mama. But because I was really afraid especially when I saw the needle, I had to cry,' she said. As I repeatedly been telling her, it is okay to cry when you are afraid. The thing is that you were tough enough to go through the experience because you know that you need it.

She cannot resist to add, 'the people in the clinic said I was not so loud like IC's visit the last time!' Six-year-old IC heard it and she acknowledged that she was really loud the last time because she was afraid, too. Well, the real story was that IC doesnt want to go inside the clinic; after more than 30 minutes, we convinced her to enter. But she screamed, kicked and started boxing everbody near her so we had to get her away. IC saw the toy store near the clinic and wished for a big doll, and so bribery: she would get the big doll after the shot. She said ok. She entered the clinic bravely. Gave her left arm, and gave a much much louder scream before the needle got to her.

I know how loud it was, MC and I were both waiting in the parking lot by that time.

Anyway, upon knowing that the nurses remembers her; IC decided she would wear a wig and a costume when and if ever she would have to go to that clinic again! Brave, too, right?

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