Saturday, June 18, 2011

One Stormy Weather

After weeks of an early summer feeling which brought the temperature as high as 30 degrees and brought us out of the house and into the garden and the backyard -- we are back to wet and cold! It was stormy.

But that didnt stop the girls from enjoying the outdoors! I gave them permission to run outside and play in the rain. Since it is only 11 degrees and they dont want to wear any raincoats at all, I let them go out for a few minutes (they came in wet and muddy) and shooed them into a hot shower.

Afterwhich they watched some TV but got bored after a few minutes. They wanted some action! What to do? Since it was time to prepare for a meal -- we got them busy. Armed with an umbrella and a basket, we went to the garden where they helped me gather spinach for our new spinach dish and plucked some spices, too.

MC, who is already comfortable with handling knives, helped her Papa slice the mushrooms. IC sorted out and washed our basket of spinach and spices. MC helped in cooking the sauce and pasta, pouring the cream and adding spices. IC lend me a hand in preparing our table -- carrying the plates, utensils and placing the 'table napkins in the right position please, Mama!'

The meal preparation took longer and there were small accidents (spills, a harmless arm burn, a fight on who should do what, etc). The stormy weather continued outside, in fact, watching and commenting about the rain and the wind and 'is that hailstorm?' also took some of our concentration from cooking.

Finally, very hungry, we sat down together to enjoy our meal. We forgot how long it took us to have everything done. Instead, we wondered how delicious everything turned out. Even IC, who is not a real fan of spinach -- had a full plate. MC had her usual appetite, at least three plates!

Well, we have a stormy weather and a perfect team work in the kitchen to thank for!

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