Wednesday, February 15, 2012


A day before, I already told the girls over and over that tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I don't want to hear them grumbling that they were not able to prepare for that special day. For us, it has become a tradition to celebrate Valentine's day at home. Actually, it is not as big celebration as in the Philippines.

I know that they would want to see hearts all over the place. Well, I am prepared to indulge them.

Valentine's Day came. I prepared heart-shaped sandwiches for their school snack boxes. They got heart-shaped cake pieces for breakfast.

Lunch time. I cooked pork mixed with potatoes and cabbages. I served it with rice topped with a heart-shaped bell pepper with a side dish of a heart-shaped toast with a heart-shaped cheese slice.

The table decor is filled with hearts, too, which included the heart-shaped perfumed candles and the heart-shaped glass coasters.

For dessert, the kids wanted a heart-shaped scoop of ice cream; which of course, is impossible. At least, they loved the dessert, if not it's shape.

Well, my girls loved the heart-filled lunch. My husband loved that I have a sekt ready. The girls got their kiddie wine while I poured sekt.

My Valentine gifts? The usual :-D

A huge orchid plant from my husband, a mini orchid plant from MC and an unusual no-pot 'real' plant from IC who said, 'Mama, you need to water that plant because I forgot to do it yesterday!!).

But the hearts didn't end there. At night, I discovered a love letter filled with hearts from IC tucked under my pillow, for a heart-filled sweet dreams :-)


Heather said...

Hi i’m Heather! I have a question for you! Please email me :)

anney said...

I love all the hearts here! Natuwa namn ako kay IC sa sinabi nya sa gift nya sayo. hehehe!

Keith said...

Wie geht es dir, Raqgold? I trust Google translate today. I do not speak German. I hope you enjoyed the hearts, the delightful food, and your whole evening. I think it looks perfect.

raqgold said...

Hi Heather, looking forward to hearing from you.

Anney, you are my idol when it comes to food decorations :-) and IC has decided it is her duty to water that plant now. ayun, overwatering!

keith, it is always great to hear from you whether in German or in English! you take care.