Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Valentine's Day

Every special occasion is always a family thing for us. That means, Valentine's Day, too.

The kids would be very much involved.

Therefore, I already know that something big is going on a week before. The kids would disappear in their rooms shouting, 'Mama, you are not allowed inside!'

I would hear their whispered arguments on things like, 'who would wash the dishes, who would cook, who would prepare the table, what gifts they would buy, etc; and that would start my excitement :D

The night before Valentine's Day, the kids and their Papa declared that I am not allowed to go up in the rooms until they gave me the go signal. I heard running feet and giggles and loud discussions and they greeted me with big, secretive smiles when I was finally allowed to get ready to bed.

Early morning on Valentine's Day, I was told not to move on my bedside.

One by one, they presented me their gifts. My husband gave me a big bouquet of roses and a big kiss, while MC and IC presented to me their single-stemmed roses and drawings. I also personalized my gifts to them: cut-off hearts with short messages and a family gift certificate for a special Valentine's Sunday.

Again, I was told to stay in bed until I am called for breakfast they lovingly prepared, cooked and decorated the breakfast table. Well, in the end, I had to wash the dishes; the kids found it too boring already, hahahaha.

And my Valentine's gift to them? We went to the mall to shop for something special for the kids; and stayed for dinner to watch the first Philippine Pyromusical Festival.

We got home late but we had fun. The kids are already planning the next Valentine's Day celebration :D

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