Friday, February 5, 2010

I helped the world today

A bag, a wallet and two bracelets from KILUS Foundation

Five-year-old IC has been telling me about their school outing.

She just kept on saying, 'we would go to the house of garbage and buy their things there.' At first, I was confused. I thought she was just rescuing her things again from the garbage.

Then we received a letter from the school that they are going to KILUS Foundation, it is a non-profit organization who segregates and recycles; cleans, washes and sanitizes things coming from the garbage and turns them into something useful.

Located in 36 C. Santos St. Ugong Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines; KILUS Foundation sells home furnishings, bags, shoes and fashion accessories from recycled garbage.

The day after their outing, IC proudly announced, 'I helped the world today.' And showed me her souvenir items from the foundation.

It turned out that they were shown around, they watched and learned how the things coming from trash were recycled and turned into useful things. They were told that recycling and segregating help the environment and makes the world a better place.

I didnt get anything from her. But she told me not to be disappointed, I could share the purse that she's giving to her Papa.

Actually, IC wanted to buy me a pair of shoes (she knows am a shoe freak, oops!); but the price was too high at 100 a pair (she's got only 150 pesos with her); that would mean she could not buy anthing for her, for her sister, and for Papa.

She added, 'Anyway, you have enough, so I know you wont be disappointed.' ;D

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julie said...

Aww, ang sweet ni IC :)