Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Village Cleaners

Driving home after a visit to their playmate, MC looked out of the windows and shook her head.

'Papa, the world is not beautiful anymore,' she said. Not only my husband was curious but all of us inside the car; we also glanced outside.

We saw garbage all over and sort of agreed with her.

'Why could people not throw their garbage in the trash cans?,' she continued. 'I also saw people in our village throwing something on the streets.'

IC also pointed out that the vacant lots are being used as a garbage area. 'It is yucky,' she smirked.

We applauded both girls for being aware of proper garbage disposal. We have disciplined them that if they couldnt find a trash can, they simply give it to me or to my husband. I admit, my bag is one garbage bin :D

My husband and I decided to challenge the kids with the following suggestions:

- start talking to people you see throwing junk on the street and tell them it is wrong
- tell your friends to dispose of their garbage properly
- ask our village officers to install garbage bins in busy areas
- declare yourselves as the village cleaners
- start a project to keep our village clean
- ask the help of the adults
- keep the discipline instilled in you that if you dont see a trash can, you keep it in your pocket or give it to mama and papa to dispose of

Well, both girls agreed with enthusiasm. In fact, they added the following ideas, too:

- papa should collect money from the people caught throwing junk on the street
- we should inform them who doesnt follow their rules as village cleaners just in case they missed on someone
- they will draw warnings for people and paste them around the village
- they will ask another friend who properly disposes of her garbage to join in the project

After the list was made, the girls got themselves plastic bags and used gloves to collect the junk in the vacant lot beside our house. They found cigarette butts.

They know the culprit, too. Our driver.

Guess who got a lecture and was fined by the girls that afternoon :D

Watch out, the village cleaners are on the move!

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