Sunday, February 28, 2010

What does a fountain pen mean?

Fetching the girls from school last week, MC had a big grin on her face.

I asked her if she's got something to share but she simply shook her head.

On the way home, her smile just stayed; growing bigger. She was trying very hard to smother her own enthusiasm; but she still wont tell us anything.

At home, she bundled something in her shirt and showed us, one by one; asking, 'do you know what's this?' all the while keeping something hidden.

When it's my turn, I saw that she's got her own fountain pen.

What does a fountain pen mean? Well, they have this writing exercises book in the school. When someone managed to finished all the writing exercises, they are to receive the coveted fountain pen.

And for me it means, 'giving the kids a chance to work for what they wanted to achieve; at their own chosen phase.'

MC is proud that she finally got her fountain pen and prouder still because she only had to finish until the ß (double s in German).

Asked why, 'because I have already worked on my other writing exercises book when I was in my other school; that is why my teacher said I've already worked hard for it,' she explained.

It's good to know that her teacher acknowledges the merits of her other hard work :D

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