Monday, March 1, 2010

Turn-Off the TV, Please

My girls, like my husband and I, are not really TV watchers.

Sometimes, it would take almost months, before they would realize that they havent watched TV for a long time. And then they would say, 'Mama, we havent watched TV for a long time!'

'Well, that's good to know,' I told them. Informing them that they were probably busy on mini bike tours around the village or playing with your friends or creating crafts to be shared to your friends or reading your books or having fun with your birds, etc, etc.

To which list they both nodded enthusiastically. 'Oh yeah mama, we all did those things!,' they said.

The girls have their own rules about TV watching; and when to turn-off the TV:

1. Nobody is allowed to watch the TV while dining

2. Nobody is allowed to watch the TV early in the morning (once, their grandma turned-on the TV at 6 am because she wanted to catch a breaking news, but MC turned it off saying it is still too early)

3. Do not leave the TV on when nobody is watching

4. Nobody is allowed to munch chips while watching the TV (only chopped apple is okay)

5. Nobody is allowed to watch longer than one program

6. Always unplug the TV when not in use

7. Nobody sits near the TV. There is an invisible line there :)

And if you dont follow their rules? You wont get any quiet until you turned-off the TV. They are very strict, indeed :D

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