Friday, March 19, 2010

Suffer the Children

Monday morning, in front of the school gate.

Uniformed policemen and security guards of the school sorround a man giving out leaflets to passers-by. We also got one.

Before I read what was written, I looked back and realized that the man is one of the parents of a schoolmate of MC.

MC recognized him, too.

We brought the girls to their respective classrooms and left, driving past the man who is still giving out leaflets and still being sorrounded by policemen and security guards. I noticed that he's got for photos of kids plastered on his front and back.

My husband and I reached for the leaflet. Written there was the story of the family. Written there was the desperate appeal of a father to his partner. Written there was the main point according to him: what was best for the children. Written there were things that should have been private.

Everything was posted there. Everybody now know what's happening to their family. Everyone would want to find out who his kids are, who his partner is, who he is.

And the children would suffer. And the kids really suffer.

MC's class werent able to start regularly because their classmate is crying. The kids could not shake off what they saw. They have questions. Especially since, the class were provided stickers by the man outside. Only because, he knows they are his child's classmates!

But I am glad that their teacher handled it with care.

She answered the kids' questions; yet refused to give any comments. She let the children comfort their classmates; because it was needed, not only by the one affected but by all of them. Because although they received explanations, they are still confused on what has transpired. What just happened is not easy to understand.

How do I know all of this? Because MC told me. I encouraged her to talk to me because I want her to let all those confusing thoughts whirling around her.

In fact, she asked me to read the letter; as IC did, too. I read parts of it to them, skipping very delicate matters. I tried to explain. And I reassured them; as I reassured myself.

My husband said, 'the kids should not suffer.'

I agree, wholeheartedly.

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