Sunday, March 28, 2010

When would my prayers be answered?


IC was rummaging around my night stand drawer.

She saw a small prayer book; and recognized it as the one that is supposed to be effective in answering prayers. I guess she observes closely when her grandparents would be on a corner, saying prayers, using the same book.

Instead of her bedtime stories, she chose to lead the prayer. Of course, I had to read what in that little book for her. Until I reached the spot where she is supposed to say her petitions, her wishes.

I told her it is time to send her prayers. But she asked first, 'would I get a fast answer to my prayers or not?'

To which I replied: 'that sometimes, prayers are answered in a second, or in a day or sometimes there would be a response after a very, very long time. Because some wishes are not so easy to give, and some might be easy but it might not be the right time to get it. But either which, you should always end your prayer wishes with a thank you note.'

That's when she closed her eyes and muttered her prayers. Afterwhich she gave me a hug and told me, 'Mama, I said thank you.'

I was hoping she would also tell what her wish were :D

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