Monday, March 8, 2010

She must learn to say NO

Big sister MC is bothered.

She said that IC always gives her toys away; even if she still likes them.

'I see IC being bullied by her friends. If her friend likes her toy, they would pester her. They would ask and ask until IC would say yes. That is not good,' she declared.

I asked MC what we must do and she stated, 'We must teach IC how to say no!'

Her suggestions?

1. IC should not display all her favorite toys
2. IC should say 'No' and proceed to hide her toys
3. MC would monitor regularly when IC is playing with her friends
4. MC will practice with IC on how to say 'No' and mean it
5. If the toys were not returned, MC would ask the friends' parents for assistance
6. MC would stick with her sister and urge her when it is time to say 'No'

'Does this mean you would IC's protector?,' I asked.

MC answered with an embarrassed yet loud, 'No.'

Well, I guess MC knows what she's talking about, right?

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