Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why are you crying?

Please dont!

It hurts me more to see you cry.

Especially if I know I couldnt do anything. Because there are demons that I dont really see teasing you.

Well, I could hold you tight. I could offer you something to wipe your tears. I could announce big words.

I could proclaim again and again my love for you.

In the hope that it would ease up your worries. In the hope that it shows my support to you. In the hope that it would keep your burden lighter. In the hope that I would be helping you. In the hope that it would open up your heart to make you realize that --- money is not everything!

We dont need wealth, if our health would suffer. We dont need materials things, if our happiness would depend on it.

We only need you. Together we would conquer the world.

So, please stop crying. We love you.

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