Sunday, March 14, 2010

Erste Beichte: First Confession

MC's started her lessons in preparation for her First Communion last December.

At first, she was very hesitant. But we urged her to join because her very best friend is the only girl in the group. Next year would be another batch.

That was the deciding factor, although she wasnt enthusiastic about it until she realized that her very bestfriend needed her in the group of boys!

They were only seven kids; taking part in all the German masses that were offered; sometimes even taking the center stage. And most of all, everyone were enthusiastic about their lessons.

Last week, it was their First Confession (Erste Beichte).

We learned about it because, we always get weekly updates on their lessons. Of course, I cant resist asking: 'Are you ready for your First Confession?'

(I could remember feeling nervous and cold during my First Confession, and I wonder if she feels the same.)

She casually said, 'yes, I know what to do and what to say.'

I teased her and said, 'Would you tell me then?' She acted as if she didnt hear me :D

Well, how should they feel nervous?

It turned out that after their First Confession, they were promised pizzas and sodas!

They were right to treat it like a celebration, though. Because First Confession is a turning point in life. And like kids that they are, they breezed through it!

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