Friday, March 5, 2010

Why is money important?

Early one morning, IC climbed into our bed with a question that made us woke up real fast.

'Mama, papa; why is money important?,' she said.

I nudged her papa to answer and he said, 'You need money so that you could buy food.' Well, that's a good answer considering he's still half asleep :)

Because I am not yet ready to answer, I threw her question back to her, 'what about you, why is money important to you?'

And IC told me, mirroring her papa's take, 'so that I would not be hungry; and so that I could buy all the bigs toys that I wanted.'

Well, it was my chance to put a stop to all these food and toys, all material things.

I told IC money is not really important. If you have a garden full of fruits and vegetables, you could grow them and you would have food on your table.

If you are creative enough, you could also fashion toys from things by recycling them.

'Oh yeah, like the kitchen paper roll as a telescope or I could cut out paper dolls from old magazines,' she smiled.

Money is important, but not really needed to make one's stomache full and satisfied.

I think I am right, dont you?


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