Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mama's Drawings are the Best Gifts

I have time to spare during a night out with a friend.

Since I promised the kids I would bring something for them, I decided to look around. I saw toys, cookies, candies, clothes; the usual things. But I wanted something special so I skipped those.

I went inside a bookstore and found: a drawing book and a set of crayons.

I still have 30 minutes before my date arrive; so I went inside McDonald's (because it was not full and I found a nice private place for what I have in mind); bought an ice cream on cup and created my 'something special' for the kids.

For MC, I drew a naughty, very green frog and wrote her a short love note. For IC, I went for a big, very red rose and wrote her a short love note.

In my love notes, I thanked them for the things that they have lovingly done for me the past days. I folded those drawings with the secret 'I Love You' fold of my youth. Simply folding the paper into three :D

The girls were asleep when I got home. I tucked my love notes where they could see them immediately upon waking up.

In the morning, they were so excited to see my notes. I explained to them how I folded the paper into 'I Love You'. They were amazed!

MC read the notes in secret but hugged me tightly because the frog is cool. I had to read IC's love note for her; and she said her rose is beautiful. They compared notes afterwards; both feeling proud.

'I didnt get to buy you things, so I decided to just draw and write notes,' I told them.

To which MC said, 'Mama, the drawings and the notes are the best gifts,' while IC nodded vigorously in agreement.

The story doesnt end there. After school, I received a drawing from IC, folded neatly in the 'I Love You' fold that I taught her that morning :D

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eRLyN said...

awww your kids are so sweet :)

nice blog you have here. btw, care to exchange links? please leave me a line in my blog, thats the only way ill know who agreed. thanks. :)