Saturday, February 13, 2010

Knowing Our Phone Number

We kept on repeating and reminding the girls, before they leave our house to play, to let us know where they go and with whom.

Their number one excuse why they sometimes cant inform us is because: their friend would immediately close their gates.

My solution for this? For them to memorize our home number so they could call us.

(I admit, I also havent memorized our home number, because we have had three different sets of numbers for five months that our phone service company's been 'playing' with us!!).

Why do they need to know our phone number?

- To let us know their location of play
- To let us know who they are playing with
- To inform us if they need help
- For mama and papa to feel safe
- And for MC and IC, to feel safe

But of course, there are rules:
- Never give our phone number to strangers
- Always ask our permission first before sharing our phone numbers to people
- Do not write them down for anybody except if we gave them permission to
- Ask the permission of the house owner before dialling our number
- It is still best if they could go home and tell us personally their destination

There are responsibilities attached in knowing those numbers, they should know that.

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