Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sister Sharing

MC got a bar of chocolate from the ref.

IC wanted to have a piece.

MC said no.

MC came in with a friend and IC.

MC gave a big chunk of the chocolate to her friend.

That was when I asked MC, 'why did you give that piece to your friend when your sister wanted it?'

MC said because IC didnt give her a piece of her chocolate yesterday.

I told her that is not enough reason not to share; that she should first learn to share to her sister before being really generous with her friends.

'If IC have something you wanted, how would it feel if she gave it to another instead of you?', I told her. I also explained to her that the real meaning of sharing should first start from those closest to you. As she is the eldest, IC must learn from her good example.

She acknowledged my words with a wave to IC to come; and she gave a piece of the chocolate.

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