Monday, August 20, 2012

Our 11th Wedding Anniversary

Early morning of August 10. Our 10th wedding anniversary. There's something special going on. I can hear the chaos in the kitchen, my husband and the girls are busy.

And then I know, a breakfast surprise! The girls are shouting, 'Mama, you are not allowed to go into the kitchen!'

The breakfast surprise in celebration of our 11th wedding anniversary.
After almost an hour, I heard the call, 'Mama, come for breakfast!' The girls proudly presented their last minute drawings, their gifts to us. (Actually, MC cried last night when I announced to them that tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. She said that we always inform them too late when there's a special occasion. I promised her, right there and then, that I would give her a calendar with the special occasions highlighted immediately.)

The Strahlenburg, photo taken from the main street.
As usual, we always celebrate our wedding anniversary as a family. Traditionally, we drive to the hotel-restaurant where we celebrated our wedding. Not this time. My husband took over the activities, he said it's going to be a surprise. The girls dressed up, took time with their hair styles, too. They were a bit disappointed that my husband and I; were both wearing casual clothes (in short pants and sandals, too!).

Well, I know that my husband wanted to go to the Strahlenburg, meaning there's going to be a short stroll. I don't want to wear my heels! It was sunny afternoon. A stroll, letting the girls and our dog run around, while enjoying the sight.

The Strahlenburg Cafe
Then, the girls wanted ice cream, so off to the Strahlenburg Cafe. And I am curious about the view up there, not to mention the restaurant's menu.

Enjoying the view from the Strahlenburg Cafe
Well, the restaurant menu are expansive and looks delicious. But we wanted to go back to a new restaurant we discovered during our camping trip.

MC is a paparazzi :-) She saw this bride and groom with a photographer while running around the vineyard.
And before leaving for dinner, we decided to take a stroll again. MC and IC cannot contain their excitement when they saw a wedding entourage. MC even catched up with them to take a pic, paparazzi-like :-)

Gasthof Deutscher Kaiser
Arriving at the restaurant, the girls were already hungry; the dog, too. The dog got her food first, before we ordered ours.

IC with a clear vegetable soup
My husband wanted to start with a soup. As expected, he had to share his soup with the girls, the salad, too.

Cordon Bleu
My husband went for a Cordon Bleau with french fries; and a salad.

Zanderfilet with mushroom sauce and rice
I decided to go for fish; and a salad.

Breaded Pork Chop and Fries
IC ordered her favorite: breaded pork chop with fries.

Turkey nuggets with fries
MC chose turkey nuggest with fries.

Mushroom sauce on the side
Both girls asked for a mushroom sauce on the side. The food is wonderful. The service is friendly. The place is comfortable and spacious, and is dog-friendly.

MC filming her Papa uncorking the Prosecco
We got home tired yet satisfied. The girls got ready for bedtime; giving me enough time to prepare my surprise for them.
My after dinner cocktail surprise
Outdoors, I set-up a mini-cocktail surprise. Using a mixture of fruits, chocolates and nuts; I created a munch plate; with special drinks. MC wanted to taste the Prosecco, therefore, she got a sip. IC, too.

We stayed up late; enjoying each others company. Happy 11th wedding anniversary to us!

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