Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DIY: From an Old Jeans into Dog Treat Bags

Remember those jeans that I turned into shoulder bags?

Well, I wanted to use the scraps from the jeans and those scraps became dog treat bags. Very simple and real easy to do.

Most importantly, we also save because then we don't have to buy new dog treat bags. I noticed, those bags, no matter if they are bought cheap or we paid a bit more, don't really have long lives with us.

Now I could just sew a new one whenever needed :-)
A dog treat shoulder bag, since there's no pocket for the plastic bag, I just tie it around the strap.
I usually use this dog treat shoulder bag because, well, I just have to hang it over my shoulder.

A dog treat belt bag, I added a small pocket for the plastic bag.
My husband prefers this dog treat belt bag because it stays in place, belted.

Materials needed to turn an old jeans into dog treat bags:

scraps of old jeans
a pair of scissors
a piece of ribbon or any stable and long enough material that you could use as a strap
sewing machine

needles (if no sewing machine is available)


For the bag pocket, cut a piece of cloth, it should be deep and wide enough,
so around 5-7 inches would be okay.
For the bag's belt straps, cut two pieces, long enough for a regular belt to pass through.
It should be around 2 inches thick so they are easier to sew.

You also need another piece of cloth for your bag's flap.
Measure the bag's pocket before you cut it.
The lenght would depend on how long you wanted it to be.
I made mine just short enough for the treats not to slip out.

After cutting the straps for the belt, fold them as seen above.
Use some pins to keep them in place.

After folding the belt straps, sew them on both sides.

Fold and pin the straps on the back side of your bag pocket,
before sewing them. And make sure you don't sew both pocket sides together!!

After sewing both straps, on the back side of the pocket, sew the top end of the straps for stability.
Hmm, and make sure your straps are not sewn crookedly like mine :-)

Now we go to the bag flap. I used the jeans' end.
Pin the back side of the bag pocket against the right side of cloth for the flap.

Sew them together and your dog treat belt 
bag would look like this.

For the shoulder strap, just measure the needed lenght that would be comfortable for you or for whoever would be using the bag, and sew them on both ends of the bag.

As you'd see in the finished products above, I simply added a small pocket for the plastic bag, (you know, the plastic bag for when the dog's refuse would have to be removed from the street). And for the dog treat shoulder bag, I normally tie a plastic bag on the strap.

P.S. You might want to sew an edge or both edges of the flaps so that the treats won't spill over. 

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