Thursday, November 22, 2012

November Harvest

Our November harvest, mini carrots and young onions
I never really thought our backyard garden is still thriving.

After all, the tomatoes that were still hanging outside and the spice corner located near the kitchen have already been damaged by the frost that came early October. I guess, we were a bit slow in harvesting them this time.

And I was hoping I'd get to dry more tomatoes and I was not yet done drying those herbs, too. Next time, I must move faster than the frost.

I have skipped visiting the backyard garden for a few weeks now. It is just too cold and too slippery and what ever, I have so many excuses.

The real reason is, I really thought there's nothing more to harvest. But my husband proved me wrong.

This weekend, he bravely faced the cold to make our garden winter-ready. I didn't help because I was out with the girls, I drove them to their vaulting class ( a legit excuse this time!).

Actually, I did help in the garden after the girls' lesson.

What can I do, my husband was yelling at me saying, 'come and get the harvest!'

I was surprised to know that there's still edible things growing in the garden. Our mini carrots and young onions are waiting, our November harvest. There's a basketful of carrots and a handful of young onions.

And I also got a glimpse of some spinach and feldsalat (lamb's lettuce) which are real favorites of the girls. Oh wow, I guess I really do need to go and check our backyard garden despite the cold, huh.

Now, our dog got the very minis of the mini carrots, Rikki loves carrots in her meals, too! And the girls munched on them while watching TV, the rest came into my husband's dinner surprise that same night.

The mini carrots for dinner

Yes, despite working hard in the garden, my husband took time to cook dinner for us, too. Isn't he a love?

Of course, I did promise him that I would be going down, regularly, into our backyard garden to watch out for the spinach and lamb's lettuce.

This is our first time to grow lamb's lettuce, I hope they'd thrive, too.

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