Thursday, November 1, 2012

Starting a new family Halloween tradition this 2012

Our Halloween party treats created by the girls

Our neighbors, two elderly couple, has been preparing for Halloween. They have been asking us since we put up all our Halloween decors 'when is Halloween?'

Since we live way, way up near the woods, our area is not a common path for trick or treaters but that has changed since we moved a few years ago. Our neighbors, who doesn't want to be surprised with nothing special to give, now cannot wait for the girls to ring their bell :-)

In fact, from the big bags of sweets that the girls received just from them, they could have stayed home and stuffed themselves for weeks!

Oh, our Halloween decors are still coming mostly from the garden. We have even more variety of ornamental pumpkin because we have planted them all over our garden!

Anyway, aside from the girls walking door to door with their friends this Halloween, the highlights of this year's Halloween are the new family traditions that the girls have started.

A few days before Halloween, they urged me to help them bake some Halloween cookies and a Halloween cake, because they wanted to have a little Halloween party after their stroll. They had so much fun shaping the cookies, they declared they would be doing it every year!

Another tradition is just so sweet and thoughtful, a Halloween exchange gift.

I really don't have an idea that this is a big thing. I only know that IC has been begging me to go shopping with her alone, because she wanted to buy her big sister something for Halloween. We didn't have the time  to do that and then Halloween came...

MC presented IC with an envelope filled with a 10 Euro bill and some candies, it was lovingly decorated with Halloween things. And a letter informing IC that she is getting a special play day and she could decide what they would be playing :-)

As for IC, my husband helped her create a gift certificate stating that her sister could choose anything from a toy store near us as long as it's not over 10 Euro. She also wrote a letter that says: 'You have received two special play dates with me and you could decide what we would be playing on those days.'

The Halloween faces
One more thing, they got tired of their old black and white Halloween costumes, that's why this time it's black and red :-)

As for our dog, Rikki, who joined the girls trick or treating, some thoughtful neighbors also presented her with carefully packed dog treats.

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