Saturday, October 27, 2012

Relief goods collected by the girls arrived in Manila

The balikbayan boxes filled with relief goods arrived in Manila
Remember when the girls volunteered to collect donations for the flood victims in the Philippines last August?

Well, the boxes arrived this month at the Malibay Health Center.

the boxes of relief goods in our home before being transported
I know, it took months, but that is why the relief goods are not perishable. Most of them are clothes, blankets, and toys. Of course, the girls gave a sweet pack of surprise to the Malibay Health Center staff who would end up with the work of sorting the items :-)

There were also drawings and notes from the girls, they said they wanted to let the people know, the flood victims, that everything would be okay. I guess they know that from experience, after all, they were in the Philippines when Ondoy ravaged the land in 2009.

IC's drawing showed smileys and hearts

MC's drawing displayed sunny images
I heard that those goods would be distributed on a Christmas party for the flood victims and Malibay Health Center health workers and volunteers. I cannot wait to see the photos!

The three doctors at the Malibay Health Center, kudos to all of you!
Thank you very much to the people who supported the girls' project. You people showed the girls that good intentions are always rewarded, which really inspired them.

Let's continue helping each other!

The health workers have started sorting the donated items out.

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