Monday, October 1, 2012

Our Traditional Once a Year McDonald's Visit

Ich liebe es, love ko 'to, i'm lovin' it
It is already September when my girls and I finally entered McDonald's restaurant to enjoy our traditional once a year fastfood binge.

The best surprise of that day was that instead of toys in their Happy Meals, the girls got to choose from eight 'cool' books. It was the girls who used the word 'cool' to describe the books and not me, okay?

Now, the girls are both members of the youth club of Mcdonald's and they receive a quarterly newsletter with free snack stubs. They always receive a free Happy Meal gift certificate for their birthdays. And we always get these promo stubs together with our post.

But despite these free treats, we have narrowed our visit to once a year. (Never mind those unused stubs.)

Not for anything but...

Because the nearest McDonald's in our area is too far away from the main shopping area, it is a 10-minute walk.

And because my husband hates fastfood, especially the smell that clings, that he won't even drive us to McDonald's!

Okay, I admit, the main reason is this: the bus ride.

You see, riding the bus is a big treat to the girls. Therefore, whenever we go for a stroll in the shopping area in our city, we commute. Therefore, the long walk from our house to the bus station (around 5-10 minutes depending on our pace).

And then the added long walk to McDonald's? They mostly skip that McDonald's walk, unless there is something that they really want to have and this year, they really wanted those books!

Last year, it was those thingy from a famous movie. Let's see what would attract them to go back next year!


Christianne said...

I love McDonalds book month too! Here it's mid-Oct to mid-Nov so we'll be visiting McDo again soon. We eat at McDo far more often than you guys do because both me and hubby like the fries and ice cream, it would probably be healthier if we didn't :D

raqgold said...

hi Christianne, you know what, i sometimes i crave for the mcchicken which is my all time favorite but i am too lazy to go. kaya mcdo seems tastier coz we seldom go :-)