Friday, October 5, 2012

My 8-year-old Girl Thinks Her Tummy is Big

My third grader, IC, approached me a few weeks ago.

She showed me her tummy and said, 'Mama, I cannot breath anymore when I need to pick something up from the floor. I think my tummy is too big.'

Then with a bit of shame in her voice, she added, 'I think I need to exercise. I need to stop eating sweets, especially chocolates because I am becoming fat.'

'Mama, you need to help me,' was her plea.

I hugged her and told her that her tummy is not too big. That it is her jeans that's making her uncomfortable. But that it is also good to avoid eating too much sweets, too.

I also told her that walking to school daily, which they normally do, is a good exercise, too.

Then I told her if she wants, that she could start joining me in my morning jogs, with our dog, during weekends. She happily agreed. Let's see :-)

I remember that when MC was the same age, her big issue was that she is too thin, she wanted to be fat!

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