Sunday, October 14, 2012

Watching a Concert with the Girls

Luca Hänni in Mannheim

I promised them we would watch the concert of the winner of Germany's Idol, Luca Hänni, who they absolutely adore.

In fact, MC used up her mobile loads calling to vote for her favorite candidate, they even created a poster and held that poster proudly while watching the finals on television!
the poster

Now, I know we were already too late when we decided to book a ticket online in July, the concert is on October 11. But we were happy to find tickets, with seats, via I realized tickets are more expensive but for the girls' first concert, I think their enjoyment and comfort would be my first priority.

The girls announced that they are watching the concert to the whole school and even the whole neighborhood, that's how excited they are.

Two day before the concert, the girls, once again, decided to make a poster for their idol. It was done a few hours before we are to drive off for the concert because they really took time to create something colorful and with love :-)

Meanwhile, our online ticket seller has emailed us a day before the concert that they don't have any tickets for us. Remember we booked the ticket in July? And they are letting us know in October, a day before the concert, that they don't have any tickets for us? They asked if we would accept Standing Room Only tickets? Of course, I was mad with anger when I received that last minute notice.

I e-mailed them I wanted the tickets that we ordered and paid for, those tickets that were confirmed on June by them. My husband, who already told me not to expect anything from that unrealiable viagogo ticket seller, has started calling the concert venue and were told that only SRO tickets were available.

He informed the ticket seller there that we already paid for our tickets via viagogo and the reply from the venue was, 'oh, you were also victimized,' meaning, this has been happening regularly with viagogo! (I will post more about our bad experience with online ticket seller later).

He was told that the SRO area should be okay, even for my girls who are only 8 and 10 years old. In fact, someone bought an SRO ticket for a four-year-old girl a few weeks ago.

I decided to go ahead and watch the concert with my girls, despite having SRO tickets, just because I am sure they would be devastated if we would cancel the whole affair. My husband called the venue a few hours before the concert, asking to reserve three SRO tickets for us.

The girls were warned that our first tickets did not arrive, and that we would be watching the concert but we would have to stand the whole time. I am pretty sure my 10-year-old MC would have no problem with the situation but my 8-year-old IC?

Anyway, they dressed up and even wanted to accessorize with necklaces and earrings, (of course, they wanted to be beautiful as they would be seeing their idol) which I vetoed because I told them there would be too many people and they need to move and dance, right?

We arrived at the venue around 4 p.m. because we need to buy the tickets first. But we already saw a long line! Whoah, the girls' excitement increased and they wanted to save their places on the line already. We got our tickets, and lined-up. The theater is to open at 5 p.m.

As expected, IC started getting agitated a few minutes in the line, good thing there's a McDonald's in the corner.

We spent our time impatiently waiting while munching on our McDonald's apple pies and a Double McBurger which we shared. Then a few minutes before the gates opened, a TV crew came and the mostly girls crowd started cheering.

My girls decided to proudly held their posters up, which became the envy of some. And I agree, they do have a pretty poster.

Finally, time to enter the opened gates. I told my girls that we would hold hands until we reached our places. And if anybody from us got separated, we would meet each other at the area where we purchased our tickets. Those words became a signal to my girls to tightly held hands :-)

Despite being early, the SRO area is almost filled, at least those near the stage. That means, my small girls won't be able to see, which would be a horrible thought. I decided to lead them to the left side of the stage where there's a space cleared for the handicapped audience, it was separated from the 'normal' audience with a barricade.
so near, yet so far
That barricade became the best place in the house for my girls. They were sitting higher and very near the stage, meaning, they could see everything! What's more, the nice lady in wheelchair near us offered to help them hold their posters up.

When the concert started, the girls were quiet at first. But after a few minutes, they were clapping and singing while keeping their eyes on their idol. They were one of the first who raised their hands up to volunteer and be with Luca up on stage. They also tried to catch those 'special' items being tossed from the stage.

Now, an hour into the concert, IC's nose started bleeding. She toughly help up her head high while pressing on her nose to stop the bleeding; and only a few second afterwards, a red cross aid came tapping my shoulder, asking permission to bring IC on the first aid area. I am really thankful that they were quick on their assistance, it also helped that we were standing beside the handicapped area so they immediately saw what happened to IC.

IC was back after a few minutes, keeping a cool pack on the back of her neck. She also finds it cool that she could bring home a cool pack as souvenir from the concert :-)

The concert was done after almost two hours, which was a bit of a disappointment for MC because she was prepared to stay longer.

Right in front of the gate, we saw a man selling posters of Luca which my girls cannot resist. I gave in, although it is really expensive, 10 Euro for two! Wow!

Afterwards, we went back to McDonald's for our dinner as we have to wait for my husband who is attending the parent-teacher night for MC's class. The fastfood restaurant was filled with Luca fans, all of them still screaming with glee; some like my girls, holding up their newly bought posters with longing; others excitedly exchanging stories, most of them checking their mobile phones and digicams for the photos/videos they took during the concert.

As for my girls? They heard from someone that Luca's next concert is tomorrow in Frankfurt -- Mama, could we watch that concert tomorrow, too?

Since we stayed a little longer, waiting for my husband, they were able to come back a few times to the venue; hoping to find a glimpse of Luca. They even thought of begging the bodyguards walking around to please, please let them see Luca one more time. Now, where are my shy girls?

I am glad they had fun despite the disaster with our first tickets.

Now, my IC is planning to join Germany's Idol (Deutschland Sucht den Superstar) as soon as possible. As for MC, she wants to join the band, maybe as a guitarist. Let's see :-)


anney said...

Ay nakaka bad trip namn pala yang viagogo! Pero buti tumuloy kayo kahit SRO lang kasi na enjoy talaga ng mga bata ang concert! I love the poster that they made!

raqgold said...

hi anney, happy talaga ako that i decided to take a chance kahit SRO tickets lang kami. we had fun plus kasi nga we found a great area to stand. and the poster is great, right? thanks!