Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Snowy First Sunday of Advent

Our Advent wreath 2012
Today is the first Sunday of Advent.
Today, it snowed in our area.
Today is our Kids' Day, too.

First, the first Sunday of Advent.
MC volunteered to light the first candle.
The girls and I created our homemade Advent's wreath.
We re-used the old decors, we mixed them up, and we skipped firs this time.
The only thing we purchased new are the candles.
We love our wreath.

Second, the snow.
The girls woke up and we heard scrambling feet,
and shrieks of glee.
They jumped into our bed and announced, it's snowing!
Yes, yes, we did promise.
When there's snow, we'd go sledding.
We drove to Odenwald, up in the mountains,
there's more snow up there.
I packed a quick picnic, a tea-filled thermos with some bread and chocolates.
Then we enjoyed the pure snow,
we were the first ones to leave footprints in the woods!

The first real snow in our area this year.
Third, it's our traditional Kids' Day.
We celebrate it every first Sunday of the month.
We let the girls decide
how the day would flow,
what we would do, where we would go,
what we would eat.
It started with the opening of the second door in their Advent Calendar,
and they came running to us,
bringing their self-made Advent's Calendar
for my husband and I to grab our second day's gifts, too.
IC chose the teddy advent calendar, while MC got the angel.
P.S. This year, I didn't get the chance to create a homemade Advent calendar for the girls, unlike the years before, but still, the gifts are all personalized. I usually start collecting gifts months earlier, waiting for the special offers, then I would hoard -- fun!

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