Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy 11th Birthday, MC!

My 11-year-old MC
Dear MC,
You are now 11-year-old!
In the next months, you'd be taller than me.
This summer, you started rummaging into my closet.
Asking permission to wear my shirts, my dresses.
You started having interests in bling-blings..
(I mean those necklaces, those bracelets, those earrings, etc.)
And yet, shopping, as always, is not your thing.

You are now in middle school.
I am glad the transition was smooth.
You found new friends, and kept the old ones.
You fought for your friends if they are right,
and tried very hard to understood the misunderstood ones.
And no matter if your friends tease you,
you stay with what's true.

Yet with learning, it remains a challenge.
But you try.
Because I know, creativity is your main thing.

This year your learned what the words 'user' and 'bullies' mean
Just because a friend told you she was being used and being bullied
And I am glad you told us, you asked us directly
You just shook your head because you found the meanings 'stupid'
Why would one use another and why should one bully another?
That's what you said.
Because as you said, you help those who needs help
and keep away from those who are only making 'kulit.' (issues)
Keep that in mind, you are so right.

You still love Barbies and Playmobils.
Luca Hänni is still your Idol.
I know a highlight for you this year was watching his concert,
and the day you met your idol, eye-to-eye --
getting his fan card with his signature,
that's, cool, right?

I love it when you clean your room without any promptings from me
I admire how you take time to make your bed everyday, before you start your day
I like how you keep your room in order,
how you keep your school things in order,
how you keep your closet in order.
Keep it up!

I love it when you take care of IC,
like when you carry those hot cup of teas,
meant for your and for IC.
When you would buy a pizza in school,
and give a piece of it to IC.
And those days when you give IC special notes,
special gifts, special treatments?
You make us proud!

Thank you for helping in the household chores.
For folding the laundy and putting them in the right places.
For your help in the kitchen,
for making sure all the lights are out
when nobody's in the room.

For making sure no candles are left lighted before we leave the house
For making sure we forgot nothing before we leave any strange place
For waking up early to feed Rikki.

Thank you for always asking permission,
for just about anything that you wanted to do.
May I call my friend?
May I use the ___?
May I go to ___?

Thank you for saying God bless you to each one of us before you sleep,
before you leave for school.
Thank you for the tight  Good night hugs before you go to sleep.
Thank you so much for saying 'I love you' back whenever say those words.

Dear MC, we are proud of you!
Happy birthday!


lilay said...

This made me cry,you did a good job mare,mc grew up with all the good values,a very loving and kindhearted young lady....keep it up

anney said...

Belated Happy birthday to your daughter!