Thursday, December 6, 2012

St. Nicholas Day 2012

For St. Nicholas, a letter from the girls.
St. Nicholas Day, December 6, is well-celebrated here in Germany.

In our home, traditionally, St. Nicholas Day always mean a visit from the man himself. 

We have started this when the girls were smaller. That time, it was their uncle who posed as St. Nick. The girls didn't show any fear from the tall man with the beard. They were too excited, I guess. 

The uncle stayed as St. Nick until the girls realized that he was wearing the same pair of shoes as their uncle! What a shock :-) Good thing my husband's officemate, took over as St. Nick in the next years.

When we were in the Philippines in 2009, St. Nicholas cannot come personally, we had to visit him at the German Club. That was okay, at least he personally knew all the kids (with the help of his elves, of course).

It was in 2010 that St. Nick started leaving his gifts for the girls in our front door. I told them he needs more time with the smaller kids, just like they had with them. The girls just shrugged, as long as the gifts are there, I guess :-)

MC's letter wished him a great day and that there would be snow so
his sled would bring him faster to all the kids in the world
So last night, St. Nick received a letter from the girls. This is the first time that they left a letter for him, usually, I would get the letter which I am supposed to pass to St. Nick. 
IC wished him a great day, too.
MC's wish for snow? It was granted. 

In fact, they saw packs of chocolates in front of our gate and there were foot tracks which they eagerly assumed as St. Nick. What made it fun is: those tracks were found only in houses were kids live. My girls followed them, of course :-)

Now, the girls cannot wait for the Christkind's visit on Christmas Eve! Would he leave footprints, too?

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