Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I'll help you

The girls' received their mid-semester school report cards last week. I am glad to say that they did well.

MC did surprisingly well, too.  Remember, she's the one who's having some issues with school works but I think she's over those things now.

The middle school rector even told her, "you know what, I don't know what grades you got when you were in grade four but I am telling you, you are doing well this year!"

Anyway, after receiving her report card and getting those words of praise from the school rector, she noticed that a classmate was not happy at all with her grades. In fact, she told me, her friend sneaked in the corner of the room and was very, very sad; almost crying.

She reached out to her and asked, "why are you sad?" It turned out the girl got mostly passing marks.

You know what MC said to her? "Don't be sad, I will help you."

Those words came from a girl who had issues with school works. Those words came from a girl who used to scream and cry everytime it's time to face homework and school projects. Those words came from a girl who fought anything related to learning.

And I am happy because that means...

Those words came from a girl is now ready to face up the challenges at school. Those words came from a girl who is now enjoying school!

The girl brightened up after MC talked to her.

I asked MC how she'd like to help the girl. I told her, if she want, she can invite the girl for a visit and they can learn together.

That same night she called the girl and repeated her offer to help. They are now working on a schedule. And I would definitely support my girl's offer to help.

Let's see what would happen next :-)

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