Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Saturday Sledding

Snow, snow, snow, and more snow! Winter wants to stay.

The snow will remain, good thing the sun is shining, therefore, we enjoy!

Why not go sledding? We dragged the girls out to enjoy the snow, the fresh air, the cold, brrrr. And this time, we have a guest.

MC's classmate is staying with us for two nights because she and her mom are transfering to another house, it's the sad story of the couple splitting up. Anyway, we aim to have a good time, so off we go.

My husband and I decided that instead of driving to the mountains of Odenwald like we usually do, we'll hike to the nearest 'mountain' near our place.
Here they are dragging their sleds.

The girls had to carry or pull their sleds depending on the road condition. Of course, it's IC who complained first -- saying that we are walking too long, that she is hungry, that she cannot carry her sled anymore, etc. etc. (despite the fact that I was mostly pulling her while she was sitting comfortably on her sled all the way up!!!).

Our destination, at last!

Oh anyway, after 15 minutes of walking and pulling and dragging the sled (and complaining), we reached our destination. Remember that long, snowy hike last Saturday where we passed a group of people sledding? That's where we ended up at. We conquered the place!

It's a great place to sled -- wide enough, long enough, snow-filled enough and we are almost alone. This time, only one family was there, with two young boys and a mom with the baby.

MC immediately conquered the area with her friend, and had a tantrum when her Papa told her where to put her feet when they are on their way down, you know, to avoid any accident. She decided right there and then that she don't want to have anything to do with sledding.

I would have gone back home as it looked like our day is turning sour, instead I decided to ignore her and let her calm down on her own. Good thing, Rikki, our dog, cuddled with her as she sat on the snow. I think that helped a lot to change her mind.

Meanwhile, IC is raring to go with her Papa. I only heard her screaming as they went down so fast, I was afraid they'd end up hugging the trees! And then it's my turn.

I have a confession to make, I love the outdoors. I love hiking. I love walking. I love running. But I am a bit threatened when I am sitting on something I cannot control, like a sled. Added to that fear, that something I cannot control would be zipping down so fast, I would be tumbling on my own, yaaayy!

Way to go!

But that day, I conquered my fear, little by little. First attempt was supposed to be the easy areas, right? Nope, I had to conquer my fear right away as IC wanted both of us to go all the way up then all the way down.

I admit, it was fun. I did it again and again and again. Even, gasp, on my own!

We had fun, despite MC's fiery outburst. Only Rikki was whining a bit. We cannot set her free, number one because she's in heat. Who knows who she'd end up with? Number two, because it is too dangerous with the kids (and their mom) pushing their sleds to the limit.

Oh yeah, going down is easy but going up?

Anyway, we stayed more than two hours, before walked back home, passing through the woods. Actually, my husband wanted to try a different path, someplace we have never tried before, but I told him I dont think the kids would be able to walk longer (meaning, I cannot walk that long anymore, hehe).

So we followed the road more traveled, passing by the pet cemetery in the woods and lingering a bit there. Yes, there's a pet cemetery near our place, next post would be about it.

The pet cemetery in the woods

Then we moved on, the girls reluctant to leave the pet cemetery.

On our way home, they played a bit, sledded a bit, tossed snow balls a bit, and we arrived home, tired and hungry.

Everybody plunged in a warm bath before eating a huge dinner.

Another great day!

Sledding inside the woods is more fun.

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