Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Breakfast

It's Valentine's Day and my girls have been looking forward to this day.

A few weeks before, they went shopping for gifts. A few nights before, they kept on reminding me about THE Valentine's day.

Last night, IC and MC voluntarily left me in the kitchen earlier than usual (they have a week school break), as if prodding me to start preparing. In fact, they asked me if they are still allowed to go down, an hour after they left me. You know, like asking if I am already setting the table, doing the decorations, laying down the surprises :-)
Our Valentine's Day Breakfast Table

Okay, okay, I got the hint. I told them they are verboten to go down because Valentine's day is about to start. I started baking the cake. I started creating paper hearts. I started setting the table. It was around 11 p.m. when I finally got to bed.

Heart-shaped Marble Cake
Then this morning, I woke up early simply because I could hear the girls partying in their rooms already! I decided to start early, feeding the dog and doing the final touches for our Valentine's breakfast.

My husband took the dog for a walk while I enjoyed making as many heart forms as I could. It's heart's day after all!
Hearts, hearts, hearts!
I made heart-shaped peach pies, heart-shaped dark bread, heart-shaped scrambled egg, and of course, the heart-shaped marble cake.
Heart-dominated Breakfast
There are heart-shaped pralines and marzipan chocolates, heart-shaped smarties, plus heart-shaped candles. Not to mention the Valentine t-shirts and heart-shaped bubble tablets I bought for the girls.

Valentine's Day
The girls came down bearing gifts, too, almost all heart-shaped items, except for their Valentine's card. We enjoyed exchanging gifts, oohed and aaahed over the Valentine's breakfast table before enjoying our breakfast.

I think we have more than enough hearts for today, right? Of course not, we still have a Valentine's date, all four of us! Can't wait.

Ooops, Rikki also had a tiny Valentine breakfast.
That's her doggie portion :-)
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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