Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Review: Camping Wiggerspitz in Switzerland

We actually were looking into two camping areas in Switzerland as a pit stop during our trip to Lago Mergozzo, Italy.

But after checking the images in the internet, Camping Wiggerspitz became our favorite and we are happy with our decision.

Located in Aarburg, Switzerland - Camping Wiggespitz is a small but well-maintained campsite. It is situated right beside a tourist magnet, the Fort of Aarburg, and is right behind the amazing Aare River. A football (soccer) field is also right beside the campsite.

There is also a swimming pool but it was still closed when we stayed there last May.

It is also conveniently located because you could easily reach the campsite if you are travelling using the autobahn.

Be warned though that there's a train track passing the area so it could be a little loud, though the noise didn't disturb us at all. The campsite's gate opens around 7 a.m. and closes around 10 p.m. There is a visitor's parking area right outside the camp, too.

Aare River

I heard that most camp guests would rather swim here than in the camp's pool.

The bridge and the river
Bridge and river
The campsite also allows dogs which is good because they have a wide open area near the River Aare where dogs could roam. Another thing, a dog box is also located beside the camp's parking area - a very thoughtful gesture for dog walkers.

Camping Wiggerspitz

The parking area for visitors.
Look at the Fort of Aarburg in the background!

Camping Wiggerspitz
Despite it's size, Camping Wiggerspitz offers comfort for camping guests, big or small. Their in-house facilities include a playground, a swimming pool (as mentioned earlier), a restaurant where you could order freshly baked semmel (bread) and croissant, and of course, the sanitary area.

I think this is called the Fitness Teller (Plate)
Well, don't expect too much, but the restaurant do have enough choices that could satisfy your hunger. They also get guests from around the area so they do have freshly cooked daily specialties.

French fries and Chicken Nuggets for the girls


The sanitary area
Walking the dog
There are pitches with power connection but you need to drive near the sanitary area to fill your water tank.
Another view of the Fort in front of the parking area

The reception and the restaurant
The wash area
The sanitary area is where you would find the wash room, the washing machine and the dryer, the toilet and the bathroom. Just like in Camping Continental, Italy - there is one wash basin where you could get hot water to wash your dishes.

But unlike Camping Continental where you have to use either your shirt of pants to wipe your wet hands, Camping Wiggerspitz offers hand towels and they have those blue plastic bags for hygiene purposes :-)

And let me say this, although small, the sanitary area is always clean-smelling and well-maintained. Thumbs up, really!

Yup, there's a hand towel, yay!!

Clean wash basins
The people in Camping Wiggerspitz are also friendly and helpful. That was the reason why we decided to go back there for our pit stop on our way home, we felt at home and welcome there!

Rikki in Camping Wiggerspitz

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