Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Visiting our Mountain Garden

After almost two months of not visiting our mountain garden because of some issues, we finally found the time last week as we were sure we could be harvesting baskets and baskets of cherries already. Remember we started harvesting cherry in our backyard a month ago?

And what did we find up there?

Red currant
Compared to last year, the red currants were not thick with fruits this year. My husband told me he had to trim the plant and that's the result.

Red currants in a basket
We harvested more than what's shown in the above photo, the girls already ate half of them though.

 MC grabbed a handful of gooseberries although I think they not yet ripe enough.

The grapes would need a little time though.

Cherry tree
As for the two matured cherry trees? There were no fruits to harvest this time. My husband said the trees seemed 'sick'. We are checking ways to bring those trees back to health.

Another gooseberry bush
 I guess we'd have more gooseberries soon.

Apple tree
This tree was planted by Opa during his last active days of gardening. We have been puzzling on what kind of tree it would turn out to be. I guess, an apple tree?

Apple tree?
My husband informed us that we might have raspberries and plums soon, but the peach trees, as the cherry trees might not survive.

I really hope we could do something to save those trees. Will keep you posted!

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