Friday, May 30, 2014

Vaddertag = Father's Day in Germany

Enough with the discussion about Father's Day. My girls know Mother's Day is being celebrated, so there should also be Father's Day, right?

Despite that, IC's still disappointed that they didn't do anything special in school for Father's Day.

Whatever, in our home, we celebrate Father's Day, too.

And traditionally, we started it with a breakfast feast. A short note: Father's Day in Germany is celebrated during the Ascension Day so it's really a holiday, meaning, no school!

Here's what we did -

Father's Day breakfast 
The girls told their Papa to stay in bed as we're supposed to be responsible for breakfast. Well, my husband savored his long bed time :-D

Then we went to our mountain garden for a short visit. I was a bit disappointed that we were not able to harvest a basketful of red currants unlike last year. My husband told me that he had to trim the red currant and that's the reason why there's not so much fruits hanging this year.

Red currants
We also drove to our favorite asparagus farm to buy asparagus tips and baskets of strawberries. My husband's cooking dinner this Father's Day :-D

Asparagus and Strawberries
Of course, we passed farmlands advertising Father's Day feasts; just like we passed by groups of families on bike tours! We also met a group of hikers celebrating Father's Day in the wood. You would know because they have backpacks and bottles of beer in the hand :-)

Vaddertag feast
We also had to visit Opa. The girls got busy watering the plants, while my husband got on his knees to pull some weeds. IC told me she talked to Opa about her birthday presents :-D

Back home, Rikki accompanied my husband in our backyard to pick more fruits. The cherry tree in our mountain garden might not bear fruits this year. Good thing we have three cherry trees in our backyard.

Cherry tree in our backyard

Cherries in a basket
 Dinner time's prepared by my husband, because it's Father's Day, you know :-D

Father's Day dinner spread

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