Saturday, May 3, 2014

Finding a Letter to Grandma

It was early Tuesday morning, while walking the dog, that I noticed something white lying on the street. Someone lost something? Curious, I went closer to examine it and realized what it was.

I don't know why I decided not to leave it lying on the street. Indeed, it was about loss. And I am fortunate to be the lucky one blessed to be touched by this precious item.

The bursted balloon with a special message

That white thing turned out to be a bursted white balloon, with a message tied to it.

The letter
Liebe Oma,
in den letzten Jahren habe ich mich oft hilflos gefühlt, wenn ich Dich so gesehen habe...ich bin froh, dass Du nun endlich gehen durftest. Grüß Opa von mir.
Ich werde immer an Dich denken, wenn ich das Arosa in Essen sehe, After Eight schmecke, Fernnet sehe, Kaschmir auf meiner Haut fühle und so vieles mehr...
Ich fand es immer toll mit Dir mein Zimmer einzuräumen, einkaufen zu gehen und, und, und...
You are always on my mind. Hab dich lieb. Kuss M

Dear Grandma,
In the recent years, I have always felt helpless when I see you. I am glad that you are allowed to go finally. Say hello to Grandpa for me.
I will always think of you when I see Arosa in food, when I taste After Eight, when I watch television, and when I feel cashmere on my skin and many, many more...
I always find it great when you help me clean my room, go shopping and a lot more...
You are always on my mind. I love you. Kiss M

I was carrying it the whole time I was walking the dog and carefully placed it in a safe place in our garden. I wanted to show it to my girls.

After attending to some errands, I arrived back home and went online. What greeted me when I checked Facebook? A very close friend's private message informing me that her Papa passed away. The message was sent more than eight hours ago.

Her heart was breaking while I was sleeping. I wanted to grab her and give her a tight hug. But, it's not remotely possible. She's in United Arab Emirates, her Papa is in the Philippines and I am in Germany. Her Papa who is also a Papa to me (just like her Mama who is also a Mama to me).

Is it a coincidence that I'm the one to find that white balloon? Or is directly sent to me to comfort me and to help me comfort my dearest friend who is far away? I don't know. All I know is that the words of loss and love and hope comforted me. There's the pain of loss, but I also know there's too much love and neverending hope.

Dear Therese,
I am really wish I could be there for you. But it's not possible. The only thing I could promise you is this, I am thinking of you. I am praying for you and your family, especially your Mama and your girls. Aren't we lucky to have millions of happy memories to look back to? Let's keep those memories alive. I especially remember your Papa's smile. I am sure you have a list of good things to recall. When we get together, let's talk about them. For now, virtual hugs, girlfriend. Be strong, as you have always been strong. I love you.

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