Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Visiting Baveno, Italy (in photos)

Because I really wanted to go to another open air market in Italy before we leave camp, I told my husband we definitely should get the famous Italian salami from the local markets as presents to some lovely people back home.

I could have chosen a better day, but despite (and maybe because of the rain), my husband and the girls were also eager to get out of the campsite. Cabin fever maybe?

We chose the city of Baveno because of the open air market and we're lucky enough to find a parking area right away. Okay, it was raining hard when we arrived but hey, it's shopping time!

My husband got a pair of jeans and a jogging outfit, the girls found bracelets, and I got to taste the assortment of cheese and salami before I finally settled to the regular-flavored Italian salami. I would have loved to browse longer but many of the stall owners have started folding up earlier than scheduled. I can't blame them, the weather is not really inviting for shoppers.
Gloomy weather during our visit in Baveno City

Baveno open air market
After shopping, we decided to stay to explore the city and immediately found a parking space near the promenade. There are three islands (Isla Madre, Isla Superiore, and Isla Bella) fronting Baveno's promenade and they could be visited via ferry rides which we skipped. I found the ride would be choppy because of the weather.

We enjoyed the site from the safety of the promenade :-)

Two of the three islands fronting Baveno's promenade

This is another island from the left

Rikki would really love to jump into the water

The islands are not so far but I won't ride the ferry as the water is choppy.

We would have loved to linger if not for the rain.

Visited Baveno's church

The view from the steps going to the city's church

Baveno church's bell tower

Baveno church's courtyard

Still at the church's courtyard

Baveno church 
The chapel is located on the left

Narrow streets fronting the shops

Since it was Easter Monday, most shops were closed. 

Baveno streets

The Baveno chapel

The chapel's altar

The chapel's ceiling

Marching down the church's steps

Another glimpse of the islands

Could you find Rikki?

Restaurant along the promenade

Baveno promenade

The city of Baveno

Baveno City promenade

Those islands
The avenue along Baveno

Still enjoying the walk along the promenade

Lots of cars but I don't see people walking around

Could we please visit the islands, next time?

The girls wanted a closer look.
We left Baveno for Pettanesco City because a shop clerk told us we could go to a restaurant on the mountain for the best thin pizza. It was more than an hour drive from Baveno, maybe because we tried to find other restaurants along the way, as the girls were already complaining. But in Italy, you won't get hot meals in between lunch and dinner :-(

Arriving at Pettanesco, we found this view in front of the restaurant in the mountain:

Pettanesco City

The restaurant's parking area

The view from the restaurant's terrace

Another from the restaurant's terrace
Well, the restaurant that serves the best thin pizza on that side of Italy was open. But that's because they are only waiting for the lunch crowd to finish their meal. Otherwise, we were told to come back dinner time as they would be taking a break. That despite the fact that in front of the restaurant is a big sign in English stating: We are open all the time.

Oh well, I guess, all the time means all the time -- and in bubble thought -- we want to stay open :-)

Disappointed and hungry, we drove back to our campsite and passed by the supermarket, Ipercoop, located at Le Isole Centro Commerciale in Gravellona Toce. We stopped as we know there's a fastfood restaurant there.

Leaving the mountain restaurant which I refuse to name :-)
Pettanesco church

Pettanesco church

What a surprise! The fastfood area is open and busy but there's no hot meals, too!!! Too tired and hungry, I went to McDonald's, something I absolutely refused to do during our earlier vacations but no choice this time! My girls followed my lead and grabbed hamburgers, too. My husband went Italian, he munched on a pizza :-)

Good thing we still have our Easter Monday dinner to look forward to a few hours later. Yes, had a great dinner at Ristorante Raggio di Luna.

Ristorante Raggio di Luna compensated for that frustrating ride to the mountain for the best thin pizza in town, which we had to completely forget about :-)

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