Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tracking the Growth of our Plants in the Backyard

My husband is a bit skeptic this time.

He thought we might have been too late when we started our backyard garden's planting season this year. I told him we simply need to think positive. Am I right?

We started pulling weeds and clearing up some corners on the second week of May. That same weekend, we planted our cucumber, tomatoes, beans, melon, peas, red beets, etc.

The tomato corner after the hailstorm that same Sunday

The area where we planted our chosen herbs, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Our strawberry patch
We also harvested our first basket of cherries! What is surprising is that they came from a cherry tree that is struggling to survive. Don't give up!

One of our cherry trees that is struggling to survive

Sweet cherries in a basket
The photos below were taken after a week...

Growing, growing...
Tomato corner
We could be harvesting strawberries in the next days, too! As for our mountain garden, I don't think we'd be able to really work on that this year :-(

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