Friday, May 9, 2014

Visiting the city of Mergozzo, Italy (in photos)

Our camping pitch in Camping Continental is the lake side area where we could see Lake Mergozzo and the city of Mergozzo.

It's a wonder, the view from our pitch. But, would we get the chance to visit? Yes!
This is the city of Mergozzo seen from our lake side pitch in Camping Continental
One sunny day, we decided to visit. My number one purpose is to check out the open air market but we didn't realize that they would close around noontime! There were still a few stalls open but there's no more time to browse around. The Mergozzo market is a small one, after all.

Another thing, we discovered that there's a hiking path through the mountain from our campsite into the city. We would have loved to hike to the city but my husband's back is bugging him, so we had to skip that adventure this time.

There's a big parking area, once you leave the narrow streets upon entering the city center. It's located across the sea front and it's free.

Walking along the park in front of the sea
I was trying to locate our lake side view pitch :D

Boats, boats, boats
Narrow, winding streets
...with religious images on the walls
Inside the Mergozzo Church.
The girls were amazed that they are using electric candles.
Mergozzo Church's courtyard
Courtyard wonders

Mergozzo Church
Narrow streets, stairs and houses
A beautiful, mini yard
Enjoying the view

The family that walks together...
Back to our lake site pitch
Mergozzo is a small, old town but they have bakeries, grocery stores, souvenir stores, ice cream shops, hotels and restaurants. There's an open air market every Tuesday but be there a little early if you want to shop because they are only open until 1 p.m.

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