Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Review: Ristorante Raggio di Luna in Verbania, Itay

We took a chance, visiting this restaurant, during our camping trip in Italy this Easter.

After visiting the city of Mergozzo, we used the opposite direction in finding our way back to our campsite and that's when we saw that this restaurant, Ristorante Raggio di Luna, was very near Camping Continental.

 My husband and I decided to explore while walking the dog. I was not so convinced because we had to walk along the narrow highway where there's almost no space for pedestrians! We did the duck walk, then, just to check out the place. You see, we wanted to go fine dining on Easter Sunday.

It was early in the afternoon, so it's not strange that the restaurant is still closed. But the owner was enough of a dog lover to want to cuddle with our dog, that he opened the restaurant's door.

Struggling with both English and my little knowledge of Italian (derived from my Spanish lessons in college), I learned that the restaurant is open for dinner but that they are fully booked for Easter Sunday. We ended up with a reservation for Easter Monday.

The very old bridge we passed on our way to the restaurant
Happy to finally get a table, my husband and I decided to explore the walkway along the restaurant's parking area and discovered, to our delight, that it leads right to the path that would bring us to the campsite's entrance! No need to use the dangerous highway, whew!

Okay, when it was time for our restaurant visit, the girls specifically informed us to please dress-up. After all, it's time for our special Easter Monday dinner. (We already indulged in a bit of shopping, and dressing-up is not a problem anymore.)

We arrived around 6 p.m. and the restaurant was already busy. The owner greeted us, and our dog, and led us to a table located in the veranda.

Let me describe the area where we were seated. Because the weather was a bit crazy (meaning rainy and cold) during the week of our visit, the restaurant apparently made use of transparent plastic to cover the whole veranda to accommodate more people. I also noticed two portable heaters pushed on the side. This attempt to add space was not a problem at all because the restaurant's atmosphere remained friendly and appealing.

Let's go to the menu which is not much but would already make your mouth water. Yes, they have pasta and pizza, and the grissini, after all, we are in Italy!

We easily made up our minds on what to order, because we have been looking forward to this day :-) Here's what we got:

Appetizer: Olive all' Ascolana for 6 Euro

Appetizer: Cocktail di Camberetti for 9 Euro

Main dish: Pizza Margherita for 5 Euro

Main dish: Frito Misto di Pesece for 14 Euro

The alive appetizer was definitely a highlight. They were crispy and tasty. Even the girls, who hated olives, managed to munch a few (before they ended up eating the outer side and leaving the olives for us).

I got the shrimp cocktail, an all-time favorite. The glass got passed around, too. Meaning, we loved it!

My husband chose Tagliata con Rucola (12 Euro) and IC got Cotoleta Milanese (9 Euro). The verdict? I was not even able to take photos, that means, those dishes were devoured in no time at all.

MC raved over her pizza and I can't get over the crispiness of my fried mixed seafood.

Needless to say, we enjoyed our delicious dinner.

We would love to go back to Ristorante Raggio di Luna.

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