Saturday, May 10, 2014

Nanay = Mother = Mutter

Dear Nanay,

Happy Mother's Day!

When was the last time we saw each other? That was a long time ago, in 2010, in a far away country.

But the distance won't keep you from letting us know how much you love us. Your letters are short and sometimes, a bit hurried, but there's love overflowing in the words. I could even feel them flowing as I hold the letter close to me while I read them alone, or repeatedly even, for your granddaughters.

A much younger Nanay

Then there's the random packages that we would receive, supposedly for Christmas or for somebody's birthday that would might arrive a month late or even, a year later. We know how much it took time for you to choose and collect those items to suit our tastes. We received the love that got wrapped along with those gifts.

Nanay and Oma with baby MC
Nanay, thank you for everything. Thank you...

For being strong enough for all of us. For always being there when we need you, and especially, for always being there even though we thought we don't need you.

For sewing those partner-look dresses, for sewing our school uniforms, for sewing those last-minute school costumes, for sewing those office clothes. For having the time to sew those random things...

For cooking those delicious dishes that we still regularly crave. For cooking extra non-veggie filled dishes for your non-veggie eating kids.

For your patient. For your smooth-talks. For your silent support. For your painful pinches that definitely made us aware how horrible we were and that we could change ourselves for the better (and that the scar from your pinch would heal).

For taking care of us, for taking care of Tatay, for taking care of your grandkids.

Nanay with IC

Nanay, we love you.

You taught us not to take everything for granted. You taught us to keep our faith. You taught us to work hard.

You taught us to be resourceful. You taught us that there is enough time to do something if we really want to have that something done.

You taught us that every little thing could be shared. You taught us that because we don't have enough, that does not mean we could not share enough.

You taught us to always give something to someone who came to ask for assistance. You taught us to accept visitors gracefully, especially the unannounced ones.

You taught us to be satisfied with what we have.

You taught us that aneurysm would definitely not stop you from enjoying life with your family.

You are strong. You keep all of us strong.

Today is your special day, Nanay. We are sending our love!

P.S. To our Oma in heaven -- Alles Gute zum Muttertag!
(I got used to calling my German mother-in-law Oma because that's how she was lovingly referred to by the whole family.)

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you beautiful moms out there!

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