Wednesday, April 30, 2014

IC's 10th Birthday in Italy

IC's dream came true.
IC along the beach area in Lake Mergozzo, Italy
She celebrated her 10th birthday on April 13 at Camping Continental in Verbania, Italy last April 13.

So excited, she couldn't sleep the night before as she was too excited about her possible gifts, thus, she woke up a little later. Good thing, because I got the chance to prepare a special birthday breakfast spread for her.

Oh well, she loved the breakfast surprise and the gifts, but she hated my 'meat-filled' birthday plate :-)
IC's breakfast birthday plate
To make up for 'hated' breakfast plate, we had a birthday tea time for her. MC and I ran to the camp's supermarket looking for cakes and ended up with two Italian cake rolls.
Birthday Tea Time
I really wanted to bake a cake for her before we left, but I had doubts of the cake surviving the trip to Italy. (We got stuck for more than two-hours along the Gotthard Pass, not to mention the overnight stop we took in Switzerland.)

My dear IC,

A few weeks before you celebrated your 10th birthday, you declared you would stop eating meat for a week. And you did. You also declared that you would start eating healthy food, and you did.

Of course, I would understand if you still love chocolates and gummi bears.

This year, you also brought home a lot of highlights, too.
You finally earned a honorary certificate during your school's mini Olympic, enough being a participant, huh.
You joined the school's choir without any prodding from us.
You mastered being on the unicycle for your class circus project despite practicing on it for only three days!

School Circus Project
You have created loads of drawings and craft works just because.
You have been reading tons of books and e-books and enjoys talking about them and sharing them.
You love writing letters, short notes, postcards and you love receiving them, too.
You express your gratefulness and happiness with love notes and drawings very well.
You decided you wanted to re-do your room and you did, leaving marks of your style.
You have an eye for fashion, and your very own style and that means you are a great shopping partner (though it tickles me that you still keep your Pippi Longstocking mind when it comes to mismatched socks).
You still love long and tight hugs and goodnight kisses.
You know how you described sex education class to me? 'Mama, we are now learning those yucky things that Ate learned a few years back.'
You managed to keep a group of good friends that has been with you since kindergarten days.
You can't wait to wear some of my clothes (though I have never refused you trying them on).
And you can't wait to be taller than me :-)
You are soon entering middle school and you can't wait for your new adventure.

I know your enjoyed your birthday in Italy even though this time, you were not sorrounded by your girlfriends. But we did promise you could have your sleep-over party, right?

Love, Mama with Ate and Papa

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